Apex Legends: Loba 6" Action Figure Series 5

Bring home with these collectible six inch scale action figures. Pick your character. Round up your squad. Show everyone what Legends are made of. This squad includes Crypto, Loba and Octane (with Arachnoid Rush Legendary Skin). (Each sold separately). Collect them all to build your own Apex Legends squad, (each sold separately). (Each sold separately). The Loba six inch scale articulated figure is sure to be a hit with action figure collectors! When Loba was nine, she looked on as simulacrum hitman Revenant killed her family. Everything changed when she got her new teleportation bracelet. This highly detailed action figure has articulation points in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, legs, ankles and feet. Collect them all to build your own Apex Legends squad (each sold separately). This extraordinarily detailed figure includes accessories. Loba includes Heirloom Wolf Staff and custom P2020 Pistol. Start your collection today. (each sold separately).