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Product Questions

Q:   Why are the safety screws included with my Activity Table partially sticking out?
A:   The screws that come with your Activity Table are not designed to go entirely in. This is designed as an added safety feature, which allows you to remove the screws in order to fold and store your chairs.

Q:   How do I get my Tow Mater Max Tow Truck™ to move forward, instead of just saying the phrases?
A:   You will first need to remove the Try Me battery box and install 6 “C” Alkaline batteries. Next, move the switch from “Try Me” to “On” mode. Then, listen to Tow Mater in order to select “Tow” or “Push” mode. Once you have selected a mode, press the lights or bumper when prompted to listen to all 3 phrases. Tow Mater will not move forward until you have listened to all 3 phrases.

Q:   What do I do if the LED light on the controller is flashing and the racer will not run?
A:   Step 1:   Ensure the Try Me cable has been detached from the racer and controller.
Step 2:   Switch to the “ON” position.
Make sure you have detached the try-me cable from the racer and controller and switch it to “ON” position. You will need to sync the product every time it is powered on. To sync the product, insert new batteries and then power on both the controller and racer at the same time. The LED light on the controller will flash when attempting to sync with the racer. When the LED light is solid red, the sync process has completed and you may now use your racer.

Q:   What is the length and width of the MorfBoard™ deck?
A:   The MorfBoard™ deck is 28.5-inches long and 8-inches wide.

Q:   What is the weight limit of the MorfBoard™ deck?
A:   The MorfBoard™ deck is rated for 150 pounds.

Q:   Does Mr. Dusty pick up different sizes of toys?
A:   Yes, Mr. Dusty can pick up a variety of sizes of toys. For optimal performance, use your Mr. Dusty truck on a flat surface and only attempt to pick up items that fit inside the truck’s mouth. To pick up small toys, move Mr. Dusty back and forth along the floor. For larger objects, press the red button on the handle to move Mr. Dusty’s mouth along the floor.

Q:   Do some slow-rise foam toys have defects?
A:   Yes, due to the manufacturing process, which is primarily by hand, slow-rise foam toys can vary in shape and design.

Q:   Are Squish-Dee-Lish™ toys scented?
A:   Series #1 through Series #3 Squish-Dee-Lish™ toys have a light “cream” scent. Beginning with Series #4, Squish-Dee-Lish™ toys are “peach” scented. Jumbo Squish-Dee-Lish™ toys have a “pineapple” scent.

Q:   Do all Squish-Dee-Lish™ toys have the same amount of squishiness?
A:   Not all Squish-Dee-Lish™ toys will have the exact same squishiness.

General Questions

A:   JAKKS Pacific products are available at many major retail stores. You may also be able to locate our products online at

A:   Contents may vary in style, color, shape and decoration from images shown on package or in advertisement. None of these variations should negatively affect product performance.